Bites to Remember

SuperBite Gives Downtown the Restaurant It Desperately Needs

RECEIPTS FROM SUPERBITE look like those monumental tree-killers you get at Safeway: a veritable scroll, chronicling the last few hours’ worth of serendipitous bites and balanced cocktails. It sits in your wallet until you find it at work weeks later and get jealous of past you.

SuperBite, the new space from chef/owners Greg Denton and Gabrielle Quiñónez Denton of the insanely popular Ox, manages to capture the culinary excitement of its parent restaurant and yet distinguish itself from the original—like The Godfather and The Godfather, Part II. The Dentons have said they wanted to create a restaurant full of seemingly mismatched flavors that taste great together, with smaller plates so the bold flavors don’t overwhelm eaters, but compel them forward.

Mission accomplished. Here, the bill will be about $60 a person with drinks and tip, but it’s a luxury worth indulging in. The former Grüner space is reworked with Mediterranean blue-and-white tiles, white walls, and an open cooking station, where the chefs will personally bring your dish to your table to explain what’s in it. The menu’s 25-plus items are divided into bites, plates, and platters, and the welcoming servers do a good job explaining how best to order.

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